Arts make better meetings

We (Lene Bornemann and Kristine Nygaard Brandt) have recently been to Barcelona to participate in the annual IBTM conference – a huge conference for meeting planners.

We were facilitating a workshop in “Innovation Zone” where we wanted to give meeting planners a sense of what they can gain by using arts in their meetings. During the workshop we also discussed how involvement makes room for better learning.

Throughout Europe arts are still primarily regarded as entertainment. Thus it was important to let the participants work in an artistic process to experience this form of involvement and way of learning themselves.

Painting on festival chairs

We were given the opportunity to use some folding stools developed especially for this conference as part of our selection of materials. Therefore, our choice of the artistic process was to paint these stools. Please see the images from the workshop.

The participants gladly engaged in decorating the stools with markers and corks. They all reflected intensely on the process which both surprised and excited them. We hope that this will support the use of artistic processes throughout Europe.

We developed this model prior to the conference:


The workshop was an introduction to the next huge conference about meetings in June 2015 in Barcelona with the headline: “Arts in Meetings – Inspiration and Innovation”.


The designer of the FestivalChair (left) and Kristine Nygaard Brandt (right).


The artistic materials: ink, corks, chair, gloves, and notebooks for reflections.


Kristine Nygaard Brandt points out the positive effects of using arts in meetings.


Lene Bornemann introduces herself and initiates the artistic process.




All participants work very concentrated.


Reflections from a great experience.


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